Eye Tracking Prototype

Since my master began, I have made another internship in the field of eye tracking interaction for 3 main Displays in BMW.

My Aim is to build a prototype using Adobe ActionScript, which allows the driver to controll different menus of HUD,Kombi-Display and CID in BMW cars by eye-tracking. The prototype consists of 8 panels, each of them presents a menu button. After a calibration the driver's blick would be accuratly catched. The focus for the menus will follow the driver's eye. When the driver blinked the focused panel would be selected. 

During the internship I have earned some experience about diffenrent new interaction ways such as eye tracking and gesture design. We also made meetings every week as small group to discuss a better way to improve the eye tracking interaction: There are still so many inaccuracy untill now, e.g. We blinked inconsciently, which made the way of "selection" dificult to coordinate. As a substitution we could design a better inteaction way such as "double blink".


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