My bachelor thesis: CisGraph

I worked as an assistant student for the project "CisWeb" in 2012 at the Center for Information and Language Processing of LMU(CIS). During the fast two years, I have learned much about how to dewelope a web application from our teamleader Dr. Maximilian Hadersbeck and Patrick.

The project “CisWeb” is a Web 2.0 program developed since 2007 at the institute. It is an online provided web application offering tools for computational linguistics.

The aim of my bachelor thesis was to develop and evaluate a graphical editor "CisGraph" for CisWeb using the most actual Web 2.0 technology and Google Web Toolkit, to construct graphs for Local Grammars.

The new graphical editor should fulfill the same tasks as the currently in CisWeb integrated java-applet FSGRAPH, but with latest technology and better functionality. You can see all the functionalities in the video below.

After making a comparison user study between my application CisGraph and the old java-applet FSGRAPH, I got the positive result that CisGraph made a better user-frendly interaction for both the new hand and professional people. By using CisGraph, testers achieved the same tast(e.g. draw a sentence using fixed boxes amd lines) with a shorter time than by FSGRAPH.

Below is the slides for my presentation of this bachelor thesis:


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